I recently wrote about introducing patterns into a wardrobe, but if you prefer to wear solid colors instead of patterns when it comes to clothing items, that’s fine too. Sticking to solid colours can in itself be a strong style statement, and patterns are not a prerequisite for being stylish.

Sometimes I find that it isn’t so much a question of disliking patterns entirely, but more about where people wear them. In particular, some of my clients and some women on the forum just don’t like to wear patterns near their face. If this is the case for you, you have four great alternatives:

  1. Patterned skirts: Refresh your memory on how to match them with the right top.
  2. Patterned handbags: This is my favourite way to wear a pattern away from my face.
  3. Patterned belts: Animal prints are easy but other patterns can be fun too.
  4. Patterned shoes: In the form of a sandal, pump or ballet flat. Animal print shoes are especially easy to incorporate into a neutral wardrobe.

Patterned pants are a little harder to wear, but low contrast subtle checks and plaids are a  great pattern solution for slacks and casual pants.

The patterned items below look hectic when sported side by side in a row. But try to visualize a patterned shoe, skirt, belt or bag as the only patterned item in an outfit. Effectively away from the face, but quite a statement. How does that idea grab you?

LAMB Signature Worthington BagFossil Felicity II Crossbody BagMarc by Marc Jacobs 605958Marc by Marc Jacobs 605817French Sole TouristDKNYC Sandi