Greg has purchased a few things on eBay, but I never really got into it. I do keep hearing about great eBay deals on the YLF forum though, and I do love the concept of fashion treasures finding new life with new owners.

I also realize that eBay is evolving beyond the auction site for second hand goods that it was in the beginning. These days there are lots of eBay stores for new merchandise and they have developed rich “verticals” for certain categories. I originally learned about this from our dear friend, Dane Howard, who is the principal designer for buyer experience design at eBay. The fashion vertical has sale events that offer designer products at a huge discount.

So we were intrigued recently when eBay contacted us about working together. This could be as simple as the banner ad for eBay’s fashion vault that is currently on the right sidebar, or it could be much more sophisticated. The technical details are beyond me, but apparently eBay provides a way for a site like YLF to incorporate aspects of the eBay experience for its users.

But before we start working on these features, we need your input. How do you use eBay today? How often do you use it? What sorts of products do you buy? What areas of eBay do you find the most useful? Do you buy new items on eBay, or do you prefer to search for second hand bargains in the actions?

We’d love to hear about your eBay experiences in as much detail as you are prepared to share.

Finally, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how your eBay experience could be enhanced by YLF (or vice versa)? For the purpose of this exercise, the sky’s the limit!