In this age more than ever before, there is a lot more clothing variety for us girls than there is for blokes. There are more choices of item, silhouette, colour and fabrication in ladies garments, not to mention the variety that exists in the world of ladies accessories and footwear. That’s why the multi-billion dollar fashion industry is focused on women’s fashion.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even though I love, love, love the abundance of clothing and dressing choices that lie before me as a woman, there are aspects of men’s dressing choices that make me envious :

  • I want to wear socks with shoes as often as most men do because my fussy feet like this combination best.
  • At weddings and fancy occasions in Autumn and Winter, us gals freeze in our little dresses when the blokes get to cover up with a suit. I want to feel as toasty as they do.
  • Part of me appreciates the ultra simplicity of a male wardrobe. Most of their bottoms work with most of their tops because there is a reduced set of variables. Fewer colours and fewer silhouettes lead to simple outfit compilations. More boring maybe, but easier for sure.

I guess I want my toast buttered on both sides. As much as I am envious of these aspects of men’s dressing, I also love wearing items that men don’t wear. I love being a girly-girl!

Are there aspects of men’s dressing that you wish you could incorporate into your own dressing style?