Italian denim house Diesel has great stuff so I give their collections a once over each season, both for myself and for Greg. Sometimes we walk away with fab pieces and sometimes we walk out empty handed.

But I don’t understand their advertising and this year’s “Be Stupid” campaign has me stumped. Each ad is a funny or irreverent image that accompanies a statement about so called smart and stupid thinking. Here are a few examples:

There are many more and you can see the entire “Be Stupid” campaign at the Coloribus advertising archive (note that some of the content might not be suitable for work).

Some of the ads are funny, some are cute and others are just beyond me. Every young generation has a rebellious element that is very aspirational, and perhaps this is Diesel’s attempt to tap into it. “Smart” has been defined by the establishment, so “stupid” must be cool. Or maybe they are trying to encourage uninhibited creative thought, because sometimes crazy ideas can become fabulous ideas.

I’d like to hear your views. Maybe I’m missing the point entirely, which I guess would make me stupid. But according to Diesel, that’s cool.