A few weeks ago a very complimentary article about YLF appeared in the blogosphere and I was totally blown away by the enormously kind words and positive feedback. Wow.

The blogger was Maria Killam, a well known interior designer and colour expert in Vancouver, Canada who writes the blog Colour Me Happy. So she’s not in the rag trade or a fashion blogger, but I love that even more! I feel especially privileged that a blogger and professional from another creative discipline recognized YLF as a place to learn about and enjoy style and fashion.

I reached out to Maria to thank for the generous shout out. I also mentioned that we happened to be heading up to Vancouver for a wedding and that it would be great if we could meet up for a hug. Maria was actually moving house this past weekend, but still managed to meet Greg and I on Saturday morning.

We got on like a house on fire. With tea and pastry in hand, we yakked and yakked until we had to part ways and get ready for the wedding. Not only is Maria exceptionally warm, passionate and fun, but she’s a pretty bundle of creative energy and super talented to boot. If you’re interested in creating a warm and inspired space in your home, Maria will teach you how with her easy no-nonsense approach so be sure to check out her fantastic blog. It’s a happy and helpful place and Maria’s jolly personality shines all the way through.

Angie and Maria

Maria and I talked about how there is often an overlap in interests between interior design and personal style. In other words, people who show an interest in their personal style often like interior design and decorating. Also, there are similarities between the principles of good interior design, and good ensemble creation. So with that in mind, Maria and I are thinking about a series of posts on our respective blogs that explore these overlaps.

Thank you Maria, for appreciating YLF and for meeting us in Vancouver. I’m looking forward to sharing creative ideas with you! Hope you’re settling into your new home.