I loathe pedicures because I can’t stand anyone touching my feet. I am extremely ticklish, so I find the filing and the fussing awfully unpleasant. I’ve tried to give myself several pedicures but the results just aren’t the same. But despite the unpleasantness I do have a handful of professional pedicures a year because the results justify the torture.

The skin on both the top and bottom of my feet is really sensitive. So in the Spring, after wearing boots and booties for half a year, I have to slowly break my feet back into wearing sockless shoes like ballet flats and sandals. Initially the rubbing of the shoes against my bare skin causes discomfort and sometimes even blisters.

This is where the pedicures come in. I’ve found that having them really helps with this process. Somehow pedicures toughen up the skin on my feet, easing the transition into sockless footwear.

It sounds weird but the pedicures help my fussy feet. And of course, I like the way my feet look afterwards too. Do you have pedicures, or give yourself pedicures, to toughen up your feet? Or is it all about the pretty result.