When I think of “power dressing”, the first image that springs to mind is actress Diane Keaton in the 80’s movie “Baby Boom”. She was a hotshot Manhattan business woman with a corner office, working 18-hour days in strong shouldered skirt suits and stiletto heels.

Power dressing is the type of professional attire men and women wear in corporate and government environments to make themselves look and feel authoritative, strong and capable. In essence, power dressing refers to outfits that make you look and feel powerful.

Most of us don’t work in corporate or government settings, but we all have moments in our day to day lives when we want to look and feel powerful. It often has nothing to do with business meetings and wearing career wear. Power dressing takes on a different meaning in this context.

I have a variety of outfit combinations that make me feel more competent and authoritative. I can’t tell you why they make me feel this way, but it’s definitely the case. Here they are:

  • Boots worn with just about anything. I feel like Wonder Woman when I wear boots. (Hopefully I don’t look like Wonder Woman, though).
  • Pencil skirts worn with low heels
  • Tailored blazers worn with jeans
  • Sheath dresses worn with dressy flats
  • Skinny jeans paired with voluminous belted blouses and high heels
  • A cravat style scarf

As much as I love wearing my suit, I don’t feel particularly powerful in it! Do you have wardrobe items and outfit combinations that make you feel powerful?