Why wear flattering clothing? Why bother with accessories, a nice hairdo, make-up and clear skin? As long as you are clean, your body is covered and your clothes are comfortable, why should you expend any effort at all to look appealing. It’s an interesting question.

I guess you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t interested in fashion, personal style and your physical appearance. Your reasons for being interested in this subject matter might be different from mine though. Here are the things that drive my interest:

  • Style is aesthetic. This might sound shallow, but I’m a very visual person. I get a kick out of being surrounded by beautiful design. From the interior of our house to the wrapping of packages and the car that I drive. The collars on our dogs are important and so is the tissue holder in my handbag. I even make the food on our dinner plates look pretty. So the way I present myself to the world is a natural extension of my aesthetic appreciation for everything. I guess it’s just the way I’m wired.
  • Dressing is an art form. A part of being a visual person is seeing the art in everything (I almost studied art instead of psychology). I like looking at the way other people are dressed because dressing is an art form. People are walking works of art. It’s fascinating to look at and appreciate all types of style.
  • Fashion is fun. I LOVE clothes, footwear and accessories. I thoroughly enjoy looking at them in stores and trying them on. And I love to shop, both for myself and for other people.
  • When I look good, I feel good. The way I look on the outside effects the way I feel on the inside. When I’m happy with my outfit and look attractive, I feel that I can take on the day. Obviously, my outer appearance is not the only thing that gets me through a day, but it helps knowing that I’m at least well turned out – in my eyes anyway.
  • I like to look good for other people. I actually do care what other people think and even though I am not always affected by what they say, I’d like the world to perceive me as a well put together individual.
  • I enjoy compliments. Who doesn’t?
  • It’s my bread and butter. I have to practice what I preach! It doesn’t make sense for a fashion stylist to be disinterested in the way they present themselves. Also, I’ve been immersed in the international fashion scene for 17 years and it’s part of who I am. I eat, sleep, drink and breath this stuff.

Do these reasons resonate with you? Why do you want to look fab? A penny for your thoughts.