Tops, T’s, knitwear and dresses with built-in front chain and necklace detailing are pretty popular at the moment, especially in prêt a porter collections. At first I thought, “how kitsch”! But with an open fashion mind, I tried on a few tops and frocks and popped them on a few clients as well. They looked better than I thought they would. The chain detailing is an easy way to add texture to a black top and accessorize your outfit. Some of the tops make effective layering pieces under jackets and cardigans too.

I don’t know whether items with built-in chains will actually make it through the laundry process, as few of the embellishments are detachable. l guess there’s only one way to find out. Mixing and matching separate necklaces with separate tops seems more laundry friendly and versatile. But there is something to be said for having it ALL on a platter. Do you like the look? Do you think this item will survive its first wash if you can’t remove the chain?

Haute Hippie Necklace-Embellished Cotton TankC&C California Racerback Tank with Chain DetailCalvin Klein Satin Blouse with Pearl NecklacesSass & Bide Listen-Up-Top