If I waved my magic wand and gave you $5000 to spend on any aspect of your style and wardrobe, how would you spend it? Before you let the cat out the bag, here are the rules for our imaginary shopping spree:

  • You have to spend the money on yourself, so no sharing with family members or friends. This is about indulging you and only you.
  • You have to spend it on fashion and style. No paying off of credit cards, buying of gifts, or donating to your favourite charities.
  • You have to spend it within the time frame of one year. No saving for a rainy day.
  • You can shop anywhere in the world, but the price of the plane ticket and accommodation will have to come out of the $5000 allowance.

It’s perfectly fine to blow your entire gift of style on a trip to Paris to purchase a Chanel bag of your choice. $5000 should just about cover that. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to shop online from home stalking bargains for a full 365 days to get the biggest bang for your fashion buck – that’s fabulous too. Perhaps you’d like to build a new walk-in wardrobe? Get hair extensions? Replace your shoe and handbag collection? Render the services of a fashion stylist? Purchase a timeless set of good quality wardrobe basics? Try botox? Let your imaginations run wild. No holding back and the world is your oyster.