I’m owning up and eating my words. I said I would never wear neon again, but I’ve just bought a blindingly bright, neon pink, wool rayon-blend turtle neck. It was displayed on a mannequin matched with a funky black pencil skirt, chunky pearl necklace, textured hose and boots. This outfit screamed my name. I had my size peeled off the mannequin and it was love at first sight in the fitting room. I felt electric. Surprisingly, the neon shade actually worked with my skin tone.

Neon pink is a fringe trend this season. It’s much more intense than the fuchsias and citrons that form part of my regular wardrobe. This turtle neck glows in the dark, which will make it extra fun to wear on a cold grey Seattle day.

It’s good to fess up to things that we thought we’d never wear because it means that we are evolving our style. Keep those fashion feet moving! Do I hear any more fashion confessions?

Michael Kors Neon Cashmere Dressicon Bindya - Women's Neon Pink Scarf

I’ve been starved of bright colours this season, which is why I was drawn to neon pink. I look awful in muted tones and for the most part, that’s what’s been on offer as an alternative to neutrals. I guess we should never say never. Not even to neon.