Layering necklaces to achieve an extra chunky and playful effect has been in style forever. Coco Chanel sported this look in the 40’s and 50’s while Madonna reinvented the vibe in the early 80’s. It was hip back then and it’s just as hip now if you like the look.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Gold-Tone Multistrand NecklaceSimply Vera Vera Wang Silver-Tone Multistrand NecklaceLayered Shimmer Necklace

I prefer layered necklaces that make one statement like the examples you see in the pictures above. These are actually all-in-one styles with multiple stands that give the effect of several layers. But there is unifying integrity to the look, which offers a cleaner and more streamlined effect.

The appearance of the layered necklaces below are a little different because it’s as if you’re actually wearing three separate pieces. I don’t fancy this as much but horses for courses, both looks can be worn in a stylish way.

World Peace Necklace in Silver by Sisi AmberHeart and Peace Necklace in Pink by Sisi AmberJuicy Couture "Boho Girl" Short Layered Necklace 17"

You don’t need to purchase a readymade layered necklace to achieve the aesthetic. It can be created by combining standalone pieces that you already own. I can’t think of any hard and fast rules as to which styles of necklaces work best together. You can mix various metals, stones, shapes, styles and lengths. It’s a question of experimenting and making sure the piece is a flattering combination with your neckline and works well with the rest of your ensemble.