Manicures, pedicures, facials, microdermabrasion, skin peels, massages, waxing, tinting and so much more. Spa services are expensive once you start adding them up. Before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of dollars each year pampering your body inside a soothing and sweet smelling beauty salon. Is it really worth it?

I think it’s a question of your priorities, your values and your budget. I indulge in one spa treatment regularly – facials. I take skin care seriously and find that having monthly facials makes a huge visual difference. I cannot steam and extract skin impurities on my own and the head and neck massage is therapeutic. It’s the one hour in a month where I get to completely relax. For these reasons the facial justifies the expense. For me.

I have pedicures far less regularly because I loathe them. But I grin and bear it because I believe that the foot grooming process is good for your feet and I cannot accomplish the end result successfully on my own (I’ve tried). Not only do I like the look of well cared for feet, but my calluses need close attention because of the all walking I do, and after some initial soreness my feet feel really good after the treatment. So that’s another spa treatment I find worthwhile.

As for the rest? I do my own manicures, tint and shape my own brows, do not need to wax and do not enjoy any other form of massage unless it’s part of the facial service. So I’m down to one spa service that I regard as a worthwhile frequent investment (facials), and another that I force upon myself from time to time because it produces excellent results (basic pedicures). Perhaps I’ll change my mind about the importance of other spa services later on in life, adding a few more to the list.

What’s your viewpoint on the value of spa and beauty treatments? Do you indulge? If so, why is it worth the expense? If not, why not?