Is feeling sexy wrapped up in an attitude, or is it about the way we dress? For me it’s a little of both. I feel my most alluring when I’m really confident. It is about knowing myself, making the most of my strengths and accepting my weaknesses. In other words, being comfortable in my own skin and keeping insecurities at bay.

But let’s face it, a hot outfit really helps to boost that confidence on any given day. Here are the ones that do it for me:

  • Sleek: Sleeveless sheath dress with high neckline and heels
  • Commanding: Skinny jeans tucked into flat knee-high boots with black turtle neck, fabulous scarf and biker jacket
  • Naughty: Pencil skirt with turtle neck or button down shirt and heels
  • Crisp: Impeccable white blouse with skinny jeans, belt and ballet flats
  • Hip: Sleeveless sack dress with heels

This may be somewhat atypical because in most cases I’m covering up skin (leaving something to the imagination can be sexy too). And the silhouettes are generally form–fitting, which is revealing in its own way.

I’ll add four things that make me feel attractive no matter what I wear: a great hairstyle, well cared for skin, a pretty scent, and matching bras and knickers.

Your turn. What makes you feel alluring and why?