Strappy, special occasion heels are hard to find because most of them are uncomfortable, which makes us feel like giving up before we’ve even begun the search. But I came across this T-strap sandal style recently and it’s a win. I had three clients to prepare for uber formal occasions recently (one of whom was actually going to the Oscars), and they all ended up with this sandal, each in a different colour.

Remember that you’re not looking for an 8-hour walking shoe for these occasions. It’s 2 hours maximum with lots of sitting in-between. With that in mind the comfort level of this sandal is manageable. The straps are soft, the toe box is roomy and the support is fairly good. It’s also the type of shoe that can be stretched for extra comfort. The elastic inset on the slingback part helps and the heel is only three inches high (not four inches as the site information implies).

The aesthetics of this strappy heel might not be your cup of tea, but don’t rule it out completely. It’s a flop proof, classic strappy sandal that will do the trick in a pinch, especially if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and need something basic. Give this sandal a go if you’re after a strappy heel for an upcoming wedding, or formal function. It will look equally fab with a suit or pair of jeans.

BP. 'Empire' Sandal AubergineBP. 'Empire' Sandal Neutral SnakeBP. 'Empire' Sandal Silver Lame

The “Empire” sandal comes in a few extra colours and black, retailing from $59.95 to $69.95. Paint those toes to make this sandal pop.