Time and time again I work with clients who have no full length mirror. But it’s essential that you have one. You need to judge your outfit in its entirety, seeing the full silhouette and judging whether the bottom half of your look works with the top half. Heaven forbid you’re walking around with pants that are too short because you can’t see all the way to the hem.

Ideally, a mounted or free standing, full-length mirror should be close to your closet. Great places for it to live are inside the closet itself, in the bedroom, or on the bathroom door. If it is in another part of the house, that’s ok too. At least you have the option of viewing your ensemble from head to toe before you venture out.

Consider purchasing a full length mirror immediately if you don’t have one already. They don’t need to be expensive and the smallest of apartments can store one successfully. No more climbing onto baths, sinks, chairs and tables to see the rest of you. It’s an easy problem to solve.