Last night’s Golden Globes Award ceremony was a splendidly stylish affair. I was relieved to see that Grecian inspired dresses, overly modern looks and black frocks were less popular than they have been of late. By far, the most popular silhouette of the night was the long strapless gown. It was represented in a variety of colours from sequined midnight blues and metallics, to cobalt, red, nude, blush pink and white silks and satins. Silhouettes were either straight all the way down, A-line, or flared out at the hem (“mermaid style”).

My favourite dresses:

  • Evan Rachel Wood: This black ruffled sequined gown was perfection. The plunging front and back necklines worked on Evan’s super skinny frame, small bust line and flawless porcelain skin. The rosette details were playful yet sophisticated. I loved everything about this dress and it was hands down the most exciting frock of the evening.
  • Eva Longoria Parker: This gown reminded me a little of old Hollywood. I loved Eva’s classic Grace Kelly style bun and diamond encrusted clutch. She looked classic, elegant, regal and stunning.
  • Kate Winslet: I loved her black classic vintage gown with velvet belt and diamante waist brooch. It had an interesting neckline and Kate looked tall, poised and streamlined. Kate’s long fringe kept on falling into her face which spoilt her look a little, but I absolutely adore this actress. Her acceptance speeches were wonderful.
  • Amy Adams: Princess type gowns such as these are dramatic and pretty, but predictable. Amy kicked it up a notch with dazzling emerald gold earrings which looked fabulous against her red hair. The fabric of this dress was especially beautiful and that’s why it made my list.

My vote for worst dressed goes to Jennifer Lopez, followed closely by Renee Zellweger and Angelina Jolie. I didn’t like the pony-tail hairstyles of Debra Messing and Beyonce Knowles. Casual ponytails and formal gowns don’t mesh in my book. Although I really liked their gowns, the messy birds nest up-dos of Drew Barrymore and Eva Mendez were also not my best. Keeping it polished for these occasions is flop proof and seems the best way to go.

If I were invited to an evening of uber glitz and glamour, I’d keep my look classic, vintage and elegant. I’d stay clear of anything that looked overly modern and revealing. My dream would be to wear a vintage Chanel gown with avant-garde pearl accessories. Whose dresses sparked your fancy and what would you wear to an event like the Golden Globes?