An article in the October issue of fashion magazine Grazia was food for thought. A recent survey conducted in Britain’s tough economic climate revealed that “one in three women forgo food to spend cash on clothes and make-up”. The term “fashiorexic” was used to describe a fashionista who would rather cut her food budget – eating out less frequently, physically eating less and purchasing at inexpensive grocery stores – than her fashion allowance.

Forgoing nutrition for fashion is scary and certainly not acceptable, but the article does raise an interesting question about the lengths to which people will go to keep their existing shopping habits alive. Eating out at restaurants as a couple or family can be expensive. Once you’ve slapped on a tip, paid for parking and possibly a babysitter, you’re out of pocket the same amount of money you could have spent on a premium pair of jeans. A restaurant experience is short lived, whereas an item for your wardrobe is not.

I’d love to hear how you feel. Would you give up your food lifestyle to keep the fashion dollars flowing? Would you happily curb spending on other luxuries like vacations, spa treatments, gym memberships and entertainment to fund your fashion fix? How far would you go balance your style budget?