A puffed sleeve is gathered at the sleeve crown and hem. It’s appearance is usually poufy because of the volume both at the shoulder and at the base of the sleeve.

I’m all for feminine details on blouses, tops, jackets, coats and frocks, but the puffed sleeve epidemic is becoming frustrating. A great fashion season is one that offers variety to its customers, but I don’t see a great enough assortment of sleeve silhouettes in store right now. Especially with petites, where the challenge is often to prevent my clients from looking like their young daughters. Perhaps we need a hip designer to showcase a collection of “Not Your Daughter’s Tops”.

Puffed sleeves can look fabulous on a certain body type and at a certain age. Pretty pears with narrow shoulders and youth on their side look killer in short puffed sleeves. But it often isn’t a flattering sleeve silhouette, especially on an older woman. It tends to look cutesy and juvenile instead of stylish and sophisticated. It also isn’t a good look for women with broad shoulders and strong shoulder lines, as it tends to make that body type look top-heavy.

I personally enjoy fun sleeves that are gathered at the crown, but sleek at the hem, in a three-quarter or long length. This type of voluminous sleeve looks more streamlined and age-appropriate if you’re in your late 30’s and older. But they aren’t easy to find because the short puffed sleeve is out of control.

Three-Button Yoke Front PulloverHammered Satin Ruffle Collar TopCotton Dotted Texture Shirt

See what I mean? What are your thoughts on all the short puffed sleeves in store at the moment?