The Butter by Nadia Signature Wrap Dress is the ultimate in convertible dressing. It’s one dress that transforms into many different silhouettes. Simply follow various folding, ruching, wrapping and knotting instructions for the “Signature Jersey” wrap dress and voila, you’ve got a dozen dress shapes at your fingertips with one frock.

The creation of this dress is ingenious. It’s a one-size-fits-all and available in a “soft as butter” jersey or satin knit for around $250. It claims to suit every size and body type and is extra forgiving with weight fluctuations. Sounds like the perfect solution to any frock dilemma.

But I’m not completely sold on the idea. The looks reflect the same Grecian- inspired mood and each of the style options remains the same colour and fabric. So it seems more like one Grecian dress that I can adapt to my mood than a dozen different dresses.

Bravo to the pattern maker and fashion designer. The Butter dress is an extremely inventive piece. It’s not for me, but could you see yourself making use of this frock in your wardrobe?