It was all over designer collections, but didn’t filter down to mainstream. And with good reason because the paper-bag-waist skirt is hard to wear. A super slim, non-curvy body type, plus height, a smallish chest and great gams are the prerequisites.

I don’t think a short person with the rest of the goods will pull off this look. The paper-bag waistband needs a long torso so that the impact of a defined waistline is achieved. If the paper-bag part rides up too high, it’s unflattering. It’s also essential to tuck in the top and look great in poufy, gathered skirts (another look that’s hard to pull off).

I like the look on a boyish silhouette because it adds curve, interest and shape. The dramatic nature of the style makes for great catwalk appeal, but it’s best left as fringe fashion. I just can’t see it taking off in the real world where most women are shorter and curvier.

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