Heidi Klum presented this product on the Oprah show recently and to quote Oprah herself : “no more muffin tops”.

The Yummie Tummie is a body contouring camisole that discretely slims the midsection. It’s better than a conventional camisole because of a stretchy stiff spandex panel across the midriff. Unlike conventional shapewear, this item is not supposed to be hidden. It acts as a visible layering piece under a jacket, top or dress. But there’s nothing stopping you from covering it up. It’s available in a variety of styles, sizes and lengths in most department stores and online. It’s versatility is key, but you pay for it at $62 apiece.

I haven’t personally fitted one on, but have seen it’s positive effects first hand with my clients. It works and is worth a try if you’re prepared to wear shapewear.

Yummie Tummie: Basic T Scoop Neck Shapewear T-ShirtYummie Tummie: Basic V Shapewear T-ShirtYummie Tummie: Hip Length Shapewear Tank

I suggest shapewear to my clients as a last resort. We first try to find clothing that flatters without shapewear, because that’s the more comfortable option and one less item to think about. But I do have clients who are happy wearing shapewear daily and it does make a visual difference.