Blouses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea because they are fussy, dramatic, dressy and high laundry maintenance. For these reasons many people stick to comfy knitted tops.

Blouses with neckties have a small target audience because they’re even fussier and hard to wear if you’re well endowed. This happens to be my favourite type of blouse and I know I’m in the minority. I adore their vintage, yet modern appeal and playful charm. They make me feel feminine, lady-like, elegant and alluring. (I’m very drawn to the “naughty librarian look” which works well with my specs and short hair).

Necktie-blouse don’t need to be sleeveless. They’re just as fab with a longer sleeve in Autumn layered under a cardigan or jacket. Opt for a V-necktie blouse to elongate the neckline. Stick to wovens for a crisper look. You don’t need to tie a bow at the neck with this silhouette. A neat square knot or loose tie often looks better.

A necktie blouse is a superb way to maintain a professional look in warm weather. Pop it over a pencil skirt, slacks, jeans or clamdiggers and you’ve got a great little look (belted or voluminous). Blouses in general are my “go-to” top in warm weather and I wear one almost every day. Any other blousy girls out there?

Tevrow + Chase Floral HalterRachel Pally Scarf Neck TopMARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Wild Cherry' Silk Jacquard ShirtTheory 'Lexi' Stretch Combo TopMARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Penelope' Tie Neck Dot TopTie-neck Blouse

Most necktie blouses are woven, but occasionally you’ll find one in a knit like the black style above (which theoretically makes it a necktie knitted top). Necktie blouses that tie at the neck look particularly good on women with a smaller bust line and longer neck. But it’s easy to elongate this look if you don’t have a long neck by knotting the ties instead of tying them into a bow.