Shocking pink (or hot pink) was “the” fashion colour of the ‘80’s. After a sickening overdose, pink disappeared, but was revived in many shades from 2002 to 2004. It disappeared again until this season. It’s the last fashion colour to hit collections before end-of-season-sales (yup, Autumn collections are lurking).

The last fashion colour to emerge before a retail season ends often becomes the “it” colour of the following season. This is common international retail practice and the path yellow followed from last season into the current one.

I like pink, but I’m fussy about the shade. I prefer a saturated purple-pink that’s more like fuchsia. I like it best paired with orange, yellow, a sour green, smoky grey or white. If my predictions are correct, turquoise is going to be big next season. If shocking pink comes to play we’re in store for the biggest ‘80’s colour revival yet. Do you like pink, or have the ‘80’s killed it for you?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock TeriRefined Serge Pencil Skirt Martine Two-Color Satin Ballet Flats

I’ll wear shocking pink clothing before I sport it as an accessory. I do fancy the idea of the bright pink pencil skirt though. I might need to have a squizz at J Crew.