An article by Francesca Gavin in yesterday’s UK Times online had me thinking. She maintains that the voluminous fashion trend was the real culprit to her gradual weight gain because it was easy to hide extra pounds in sack dresses, bubble skirts, A-line tunics, stretch jeans and smocks.

Francesca wasn’t happy with this and in an effort to curb further weight gain, she decided that there was only one remedy:

“if fashion got me into this mess, then fashion was going to get me out of it”

Instead of opting for the comfort of looser layers, Francesca made a point of purchasing styles that fit close to the body like pencils skirts, highly tailored garments and boned dresses. The idea was that if she physically felt restricted, she’d be aware of putting on weight. Francesca’s weight began to normalize and she felt that the discomfort of ultra-fitted garments was worth it.

This is fascinating. The voluminous trend has definitely given us the liberty of wearing looser clothes with style. Have you experienced a connection between fashion trends and fluctuation in your weight?