We’re half way through Spring 2008 and I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve seen thus far. The resurgence of bright colours and higher rises and have been among my favourite trends.

That said, I do have a few complaints:

  • Skirts and dresses are generally too short. Most gals require lengths that are on, or just below the knee, which are hard to find. Miniskirts are a fashion statement but the industry has gone overboard when Ann Taylor raises its hemlines to well above the knee. I can’t believe that I’m taking petite clients to shop in regular sizes to gain a couple of inches on the hem.
  • The absence of cream jeans and cream pants. Unlike white, cream is a seasonless colour (hence the term “winter white” which is a rich creamy colour). White bottoms are a Summer essential, but cream bottoms should be available all the time. Retailers have opted to make beige a basic instead, which is often harder to wear.
  • The absence of A-line denim skirts. Denim pencil skirts are everywhere, but A-line denim skirts are universally flattering. This is a missed opportunity.
  • An abundance of wide-legged pants. Most of the silhouettes are too wide and clown-like. What’s worse is that wide-legged pants are selling alongside voluminous tunics which encourages them to be worn together. This is not a good look.
  • A shortage of skinnies and straight leg jeans. Voluminous tops continue to flourish which means that streamlined bottoms should be widely available. But they’re not. It’s interesting how skinnies remain the “it” pants in Europe, but they’re few and far between in the US. You’ll battle to find skinny jeans unless you’re shopping in a Euro chain store.

A fab fashion season provides sufficient choice in style, colour and fabric. In some areas this has not been the case for Spring 2008. I’d love to hear your feelings on the current season. Don’t hold back!