There’s a lot to like about the ongoing voluminous trend, but I continue to see voluminous pieces worn and advertised in unflattering combinations. It’s the retail industry’s responsibility to inform and educate consumers about new trends and how to wear them. The latter is severely lacking.

It’s imperative that you wear only one voluminous piece at a time (volume on volume does not work). Keep it sleek and fitted on top if you wear volume on the bottom and vice versa. This season’s resurgence of the wide-legged pant alongside swingy tops and trapeze jackets is interesting. These items are not meant to be worn together and yet it’s happening on mannequins in stores and on models online.

The model in the blue Rachel Pally outfit looks awful. Add a row of pompoms to the front of this outfit and she’s Bozo the clown. The pants should have been paired with a streamlined top, and the top would look better with a pair of straight or skinny jeans. I don’t like the wide-legged jumpsuit on the model on the right either, but at least the top part of her outfit is sleek which complements its voluminous bottom.

Rachel Pally Knit Sailor Pants Norma Kamali Wide Leg Jumpsuit

I’m surprised that the blue Rachel Pally outfit has made Oprah’s list of favourite things. Not so stylish.