A-line trapeze jackets (or swing jackets) were fringe fashion a year ago, but today they’re mainstream. After an unflattering 80’s shoulder-pads plus boxy-jacket phase, designers and style gurus reverted back to glamour and encouraged ultra-feminine, body skimming looks instead. For two decades our eyes re-adapted to this forever flattering hour-glass silhouette. Until recently, that is, when swingy jackets flooded the retail market and caught us by surprise.

The new style is compared to a classic tailored jacket in the pictures below. Trapeze jackets can be described as “boxy” because they don’t cinch in at the waist, but they’re not what I’d call “bad 80’s boxy”. This is still a tailored jacket, which makes the look more reminiscent of the elegant 40’s decade. It’s a nice new style if you can find the right jacket for your body type. For many, the new boxy style is unappealing because it’s more flattering to wear a jacket that’s tailored at the waist (especially if you’re well endowed).

I will write more on the selection criteria soon, but in the meantime it would be great to hear your thoughts. Which style do you prefer? Has your eye adapted to the new look? Are you wearing it?

Twill Babydoll JacketPolka Dot Wool Blazer

A roomy, emerald green trapeze jacket (left) and a tailored grey, polka dot style (right) represent your new and classic jacket silhouettes this season (both from Tulle). If you love the new trapeze style, there is certainly room for both in your wardrobe.