An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports how Dallas product designer and marketer, Cricket Lee, attempts to standardize women’s clothing sizes and fits in the US. She has created a sizing system called Fitlogic, which sets a universal standard for sizing women’s clothes based on measurements and body types. The Fitlogic system categorizes women into three shapes:

  • Thick waist and thin hips (Straight)
  • Curvy but proportional (Curvy)
  • Thin waist and round bottom (Round)

You can find your fitlogic fit by answering a few simple questions. I entered my measurements and received the following response:

“The Fitlogic Fitfinder cannot find a size meeting the measurements you have entered. We understand how important the proper fit is and how difficult measuring yourself can often be. Please take a moment to double-check your entries and proceed with the Fitlogic Fitfinder once more”.

I can assure you that I measured myself properly and entered the data correctly. Perhaps I’m in the 10% minority (the article does say that the algorithm currently works for 90% of women), but the reality is that women’s bodies defy standardization. If you struggle to find pants that fit, the best remedy is to get as close as possible and then do alterations to perfect the fit.

Watch this video to get a simple explanation of the Fitlogic system.