It’s interesting that some women are more comfortable in heels than flats, feeling that flats are unflattering and don’t provide the support of a heel. Feeling awkward in flat shoes usually makes fashion sneakers a no-no, but with heeled fashion sneakers coming back, they might be an option after all.

I’m personally sticking to flat All Star Converse, but if you like the idea of an uber-casual heeled shoe, the wedged sneaker trend is for you. You won’t look odd wearing this heel to a sporting event.

Michael Kors 'Heidi' SneakerSteve Madden's Fix EnigmaaaSteve Madden's Fix 'Shape Up' Mary JaneSteve Madden's Fix Brashh

I had a pair of athletic inspired wedges in the ‘90’s, but they weren’t as sleek as the styles that have surfaced this season. I’ve tried on the silver pair on the right and they are very comfortable.