I’ve written several blog entries suggesting the minimum number of items you need in different categories in order to have an efficient wardrobe that covers all the bases. Of course, these suggestions are just a starting point. You may find that your wardrobe functions better with more items in one of these categories. Look at the details in the individual blog entries and adapt the suggestions to your specific situation.

  • 1-4 pairs of jeans. The number will differ depending on your lifestyle and your preferences. If you love jeans and wear them daily, you’ll need four pairs. If you seldom wear jeans, limit yourself to one fabulous pair.
  • 2 dresses. One for day and one for night.
  • 3 coats. This won’t hold true for warm weather locations, but it’s a must if you live in a country that has four seasons.
  • 3 handbags. This requirement cuts across all lifestyles and age groups.
  • 4 “everyday” bras and 10 “everyday” undies. This excludes sports bras and special occasion underwear.
  • 6 pairs of shoes. This excludes slippers, workout sneakers, wellington boots and gardening clogs.

You will also need tops, camisoles, jackets, knitwear, more bottoms and accessories to put together stylish ensembles on a daily basis. It is difficult to specify quantities for these additional items because they depend on lifestyle, dress codes, body types, personal preferences, your local climate and travel requirements. If you are building a wardrobe of the bare essentials, however, the list above is a good place to start.