How many coats should you have? The answer to this question depends entirely on where you live. You might live in a country where the weather is mild – in which case a lightweight trench is all you’ll need. Or, you might live in a city that has a cold, wet winter, which means you’ll need more than just a casual cover-up.

If you live in a country with a real winter season, consider a basic 3-coat complement for your wardrobe:

  1. Lightweight trench coat – for transitional seasonal weather, dressed either up or down
  2. Smart coat – for work, going out, date-night and occasions
  3. Casual parka – for walks, playgrounds, going to the movies and running errands

Once you have these versatile options in your wardrobe, you can flirt with other styles that tickle your fancy. Coats for me are like shoes are for most women – I never feel that I have enough of them. Luckily I can justify my indulgences with the cold and wet climate of the American Pacific Northwest.