Can your wardrobe function in style with fewer than 50 pairs of shoes? Absolutely. Excluding utility shoes (slippers, work-out sneakers, wellington boots, ski boots and gardening clogs), the 6-shoe-complement is my suggestion for women who are only interested in the essentials:

  • Knee high boots – in a neutral colour with some sort of heel so that they can double up for smarter occasions.
  • Fashion sneakers – as your stylish walking shoe.
  • Fashion flats – as a comfortable and smarter alternative to  sneakers.
  • Summer sandals – for skirts and dresses.
  • Pumps – to dress up anything from a suit to jeans.
  • Dressy heels – to match formal attire for special occasions.

You’ll be covered if you choose these 6 pairs of shoes with care. Matching them up meticulously with your wardrobe and choosing a quality shoe is imperative if the complement is to yield a high return.

But if you are like most women and you absolutely love shoes, it is less about what you need and more about what you want. To some extent this is justified – fabulous shoes are one of the fastest ways to accomplish a stylish appearance. Enjoy shopping for shoes ladies – who’s counting?