Electric 80’s cobalt blue is back and it’s quite a challenge to wear. Cold and hard unless you have the complexion and eye-colour to complement this remarkably overpowering hue, Cobalt seems to look best on blue or brown-eyed beauties with darker skin tones. However, it can be softened successfully when matched up with:

  • Neutrals like black, white, grey and silver
  • Yellow for warmth and glow (my personal favourite)
  • Brights like red, pink and green

Keep these colour combinations crisp and select rich, dark and intense tones of cobalt for the most flattering effect (there is something very unflattering about a watered down shade of cobalt, especially in a knit). Include this colour for Spring if it tickles your fancy and doesn’t overpower your look. I personally like it best when paired with yellow.

Silk Mesh Bubble Dress   Bluebird Jacket

Sleeveless Silk Shift Dress   Campanile Scoopneck

Cobalt blue separates from Bebe and Anthropologie.