This is a frequently asked question on youlookfab. Unless you’re off to drinks, dinner or a party straight afterwards, casual attire is perfectly fine for the cinema. The possibilities are endless, but breaking outfits down by the bottoms is a good way to summarise your options. Here are three formulas that will work in the cool weather most of us are experiencing at the moment:

  • Jeans – match denim up with a longer length T or collared shirt, cropped pinstripe jacket or cardigan, and fashion sneakers or flat boots. Finish the look off with a hand held satchel and string of pearls or boho beads.
  • Casual pants – match combat pants or khakis with a collared shirt, sweater, military jacket or denim jacket and converse sneakers. Accessorize with a slouchy hobo or messenger bag.
  • Skirt – match a denim, corduroy or cotton twill knee-length skirt with a turtle neck, tweed jacket and tall flat riding boots. Add a waist belt and oversized tote to the ensemble for a bit of extra oomph.

Sweats are not appropriate for anything other than lounging around and working out. If you do need to be smart casual after the movies, stick to the flop-proof outfit. And remember to layer with a camisole underneath and a trench on top for extra warmth. Voila! You are stylish for the movies or any other casual event.

    Ingenue-Jacket1.jpg    Isabella-Fiore-Messenger-Bag1.jpg

Play-Fit-Pant1.jpgRuffled Cardigan

Khakis and sneakers (Esprit), collared shirt and jacket (Gap), cropped hooded cardigan (Anthropologie) and Isabella Fiore messenger bag (Nordstrom).