Last week’s Globe and Mail had a great article on what the year ahead will hold. Apparently fashion and design “is rife with scaly things, one-piece wonders and plenty of gloss”. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for our shopping and wardrobe adventures:

  • Shocking shades – pink, purple and green join last year’s yellow and cobalt blue. Fantastic. it’s high time we had options other than neutrals.
  • Acid wash denim – for jeans, trenches, dresses and swimwear. I’ve never liked acid wash, so I shall be bypassing this trend.
  • Garden State – say goodbye to dainty floral designs and hello to huge hydrangea prints. I’m reserving my judgment until I see how this trend has been interpreted.
  • Size matters – billowing sack dresses are bigger than ever. I’m used to the look and enjoy the silhouette when it’s worn in the right way. It’s a fashion forward and ultra comfortable alternative to body conscious silhouettes.
  • Shoulder pads – I can’t go there again. I’ll leave this fad to the youngsters to enjoy for their very first time.
  • Sheer delights – it’s the start of the “see through” trend and I’m intrigued. I enjoy delicate fabrics when they are contrasted with sturdier ones because it’s feminine and robust at the same time.
  • Romper room – jumpsuits and all-in-one playsuits are hip again. Oh dear. We’ll think twice about needing the loo if we wear these numbers.
  • Funky footwear – lots of colour blocking, stubby toes and sky-high platforms. Another disappointing footwear season.
  • Blazer of glory – blazers with tipped lapels and embroidered crests make their preppy return. Love it. Uniforms are underrated.
  • Flashdance faces – black ringed eyes, goopy gloss and heavy handed make-up are the “it” look. Awful. I’m sticking to my subtle 30 second make-up routine.

You will recognize colour and volume, which also featured in the fashion buzzwords for 2008, as common themes for the year ahead.

Beyond fashion, you’ll be in vogue if you live in a modern, chalet-inspired interior, eat locally produced food, cook with copper pots, install a lift in your home and make North Africa your top place to visit this year. For better or for worse, 2008 is full of ‘80’s excess. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to say about what we loved and loathed at the end of this year.


Hot-off-the-press colourblock footwear from Nordstrom’s 08 Spring collection. I can’t say they’re my cup of tea.