One thing we often talk about behind the scenes at youlookfab is the quality of the comments – our passionate, knowledgeable and eloquent readers make a lot of thoughtful contributions that really add value to the blog. This makes it seem a pity that people don’t have more of an opportunity to start their own threads. It is true that many of the readers have their own blogs, but many don’t.

Another thing we noticed is that people often ask questions on the comment threads, and it is fantastic to see other people jumping in and helping their fellow readers. With the growth in youlookfab, the number of “Ask Angie” questions is starting to outstrip the number of hours in the day I have to respond. It would be brilliant if it was easier for people to turn to the youlookfab community.

So we decided to create the youlookfab forum. It is extremely simple – after signing up just once you will be able to post to one of four different areas: What to Wear, Where to Shop, The Industry and Everything Else.

You can also browse the forum (without signing up), or contribute to the conversations started by other people. From now on, “Ask Angie” questions will be posted in the forum, so you can also look at the latest questions and see whether there are opportunities for you to share your experiences or give advice. I will still be answering questions, but will now be doing so in the forum.

Like any new software thing, the forum is bound to have some teething problems. If you experience one of these, or if you have some feedback that might help us improve the forum, then please reply to this post.

Enjoy, and thanks for your support!