I get asked this question regularly, but it is a difficult one to answer because it depends on your profession and industry. It’s perfectly acceptable to sport bare legs in the fashion, arts and advertising world. It might be less appropriate to do so if you’re a lawyer, business consultant, accountant or bank manager. Throw in the uniqueness of a country’s culture and we’ll struggle to find an answer that is considered universally acceptable.

In general though, I believe that modesty is the best policy in a professional setting. In particular, ultra-fashionable sweater dresses and shifts that stop somewhere between the top of the knee and lower thigh require hose and tights irrespective of the industry. These dresses ride up when you sit down and it’s inappropriate to show large areas of your bare thigh at the office.

Remember that you can make exciting hose choices in traditional settings. You needn’t stick to boring bare beige. A mock skin colored micro fish net stocking is an updated and safe way to go. The fishnet pattern is backed by ultra fine, subtle, normal hose. The texture adds an interesting dimension to your outfit while the skin tone keeps the look demure.

How do you feel about wearing hose to the office in your profession and industry?