Ok Fabbers, a fun question. For those of us who are going to be spending a lot more time on video conferences for a while, what's your clothing strategy?

I've worked from home off and on for years. I think there's been an understanding that working at home is more casual, and for many people the camera has been off. But, we are in a new normal, and I think we are going to see many people turning on their cameras so they can have a more personal connection, especially when interacting with people from other companies.

So... what to do?

I'm planning to still have hair and makeup done as if I were at work - I do this anyway as it puts me in a work frame of mind. I don't want to throw a blazer on for calls, as I think it might be too much. Instead, I'm also thinking of trying new looks focused on scarves or brighter colors. This is a change from my normal work-at-home uniform of sweater and jeans, but might be a fun way to try some new combos. (If I hate it, I can always change before the next call!) Anyone else trying something new?