LOL! Baseball caps! Yeti’s!

@kkards I've noticed the same correlation between age & an aversion to video with my undergraduate students - do you think it maybe has something to do with feeling self-conscious onscreen, perhaps?

I know a lot of my students live at home with parents who aren't so accommodating about not interrupting video calls by walking around or talking to them directly in the background, so there may be an element of that too... It's funny how many of us took our workspaces for granted before we could no longer access them anymore.

Wait wait... I heard on the radio Zoom has a soft focus feature to make ya look better! Lolol!

I have worked from home for 20 years and have nearly always gotten away with ordinary phone calls. I was just thinking yesterday after my first video conference board meeting, that there was going to be more of this. Finding this conversational chain very interesting!

@rachylou Zoom is very flattering, but you have to do a fair bit of rummaging around in the 'advanced settings' (on your web browser) to turn on all of the hidden features - I love the virtual backgrounds that they have too, lol!

My 84yo mom had her bible study class today via zoom today. And complaining about all the people who can’t use technology. It’s a new world people

kkards, I have found the exact opposite! The younger folks are more apt to go on video with no make up and messy hair.

We are also experiencing all kinds of connectivity issues lately. Our company is normally 35% WFH and now we're at 100%. So even if you wanted to do video, you can't, at high volume times of day, and that's also an issue because pretty much everyone in our condo building is also WFH now. Which sucks because now is the time you really want to be F2F as much as possible.

The struggle is real about having multiple family members all trying to WFH at the same time. For us that's just me and the DH. So glad he's now fully WFH. Was raising my anxiety the past week when he was still going into the office. We are juggling back and forth so that important calls one or the other of us can use our home office. So one is upstairs one is downstairs. As the weather gets nicer, one of us will be out on the deck. Raining today so...

Shiny and all, thanks for the great advice! I also think it's good especially if you like dark colors to create some contrast...for example, black cardigan over white t. But definitely bright/light colors look better and brighten you up on screen.

I found the soft focus on Zoom but now I want to find a background. My rooms with brighter lights have terrible backgrounds, i.e. white pantry doors and china cabinet. (Um, different rooms, lol)