Well, in the company of all-stars like Jenn, Helena, and Carla, my tracking of February wears and purchases are really laughable! But I committed to logging all of this here, so here I go:

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I continue tracking items worn in in Finds, but this doesn't actually tell me how many times an item was worn: it could be 1 or 10! What I realized about February was that I wore many more different items than I had in the three previous months: I think this is due to the temperature being much more variable, and so requiring some toggling between cold winter and cool spring items (not my favorite weather, but made more interesting by opportunities for sartorial mixing!).

And I have not been strict about no- or low-shopping, so my little curated wardrobe keeps accruing new goodies. They make me happy and are useful to me, which is wonderful, but I realize that there is a sustainability problem without a one-in-one-out policy! Most of the items purchased were replacements:

1) Chambray shirt -- such a usefully piece for my RATE style that replaces an old J Crew one I retired last year
2) Saint and Sofia pants -- these replace an old pair of Cuyana lounge pants that are sitting too low since I've gotten a little more toned around my middle
3) Hanky Panky bra -- replaces and upgrades an old one from another brand that was starting to fall apart
4) Scarpa trail shoes -- these replace a pair that I literally wore into the ground on the Presidentials Trail in New Hampshire! They are *great* shoes and even look cute: highly recommend.

A few other things are mere indulgences and really scratch an itch for bringing beautiful things into my life!

5) L K Bennett croco booties -- I have been craving a block-heeled reddish-brown croc-embossed bootie for a *long* time, and finally found a pair that are beautifully made, comfortable, and in my budget! I was happy to splurge on these, and have worn them several times already.
6) Ancient Greek black sandals -- time will tell whether these were a good investment, but I made a note at the end of last summer to try to find a simple black slide sandal that would work with dresses. These are very pretty in person: I like the toe band and the row of shiny cowrie shells, which fit with my "polished with an edge" aesthetic.
7) Lastly, I added a few new jewelry pieces around Valentine's Day -- a little be sentimental and a little bit sweet. Dainty, classic jewelry is a good place for me to grow my collection, since it takes up so little space and I wear it all the time, making CPW very low.

Anyway, that's where I am in my style journey at the moment. A bit here and there, but having a good time. Thanks for reading!