Since I've very recently done a wardrobe inventory (thanks again, Jenn!), I'm also now tracking my monthly purchases, so here they are. August is a big month because it is when I collect some summer pieces for next year and stock up for fall:

#1: Oversized cardigan from NAS (replaces a more refined Eileen Fisher one in the same length that I had for about 5 years: I like the look of chunkier knits just now)

#2: Snake-print slide sandals (my white Birkenstocks are disintegrating; these are a little more refined and play a similar role)

#3: Faux leather jacket (worn open: a cooler alternative to a blazer as a topper for my Fast-Fall-Back-Option outfit of a black tank and skinnies; wore it this way to a lunch party yesterday and loved it; reminds my husband of Sharks and Jets in a good way)

#4 and 5: White cropped jeans and cut off shorts (prepping for next summer already, I suppose; definitely violates my "don't let me buy any more denim" rule)

#6: Reversible "vintage black" tank (finding this piece was a revelation for me, and it's definitely already key for my fall "uniform"; "The Best Tank" is not a misnomer!

#7: Floral blouse (a great transition piece for late summer into early fall in a right-now style; not sure what the longevity of this will be, but I've worn it a bunch already)

#8: Black midi dress (bought to split wears with my polka dot midi, and doing the trick! A slightly more refined piece that I can wear under a jean jacket in a professional context in the summer.)

#9: Black satchel (replaces a longer-strapped crossbody that was starting to show wear after about 5 years: I've been using this almost every day for errands etc. and image that will continue)

#10: The trench! (Not perfect, but v. good for now. More detail here:

Thanks for looking!