Hi friends,

Taking a little downtime between Xmas lunch and dinner to log my December purchases, as I don't imagine doing any more shopping this month.

I added three new pieces to my closet this month and re-duplicated a favorite pair of jeans (now on pair 3!). After adding a whole bunch of essentials in November, it was nice to slow things down!

The newbies including a third Boden "voop" shirt in stripe: these are totally essential pieces for me this season and my black and navy ones are already in heavy rotation on workdays. This one I tend to wear more casually, and it arrived right in time for some time off between Xmas and New Years.

The other pieces -- a very lovely wool camel bomber by Riess and cap-toe leopard print flats by L K Bennett -- I've discussed in other threads. The jacket is a great, warm, and light-toned "third piece" that I imagine will be very versatile for my lifestyle and climate. The shoes were on my wish-list for spring and fell into my lap on clearance: as Friecraker said, it was meant to be!

I've also enjoyed tracking my garments worn this month in finds! Thanks to Toronto Girl for the idea. Lots of black in the first half of the month with a few lighter pieces thrown in more recently. It will be interesting to see how this changes in January and February.

Wishing all of you the very best for the holidays and the New Year!

ETA: Two pieces picked up on holiday at the very end of the month and slacks ordered to match the camel bomber.