I think grey is still a good neutral and looks great with so many colors - I know my examples are *very* casual but I wear shades of grey with olive (dark charcoal with lighter olive and the reverse, light grey with darker olive). I like grey with white too so I often wear white with the grey and olive.

Also, red and grey go well together - see the flannel shirt example. And I think a forest green color like the find here would also go with grey.

I think your collection of greys looks perfect! I personally like to wear gold jewelry with my greys to go with the gold tones in my hair and skin. It's a color contrast thing I guess.

Viv, it's only a rut if you're bored with the colour. If not - it's signature.

With pearl grey: Navy, white, citron, teal, shocking pink, tomato red, toffee, light blue and black.

The new pieces are beautiful, Viv, and I agree with all the suggestions above.
I always think light grey looks chic and sophisticated paired with optical white (or off-white, or cream). Add metallic or animal patterned accessories for extra visual interest.
Adding citron or another shade of yellow to the light grey and white immediately gives it a fun Spring vibe, so that might be fun to try too.

Here are some of Angie's ensembles for more inspiration (colour and pattern-wise):





I like the yellow option over the blush.
That said, I like blush and yellow together! So a yellow top with a blush belt?

Something like that

I love the blush (no surprise there!) I also love the idea of cognac leather accessories to amp up texture and provide colour punch but in a neutral, sophisticated way.

You may be inspiring me to shop my closet for this same combo!

Viva --

Absolutely the dress I was thinking of as it was an awesome "frame" for the colors in your "portrait!"

I'd try any from there with the grey and just check for any weird clashes (under/overtones). And that lighter warm blue in there could be great for summer. Does it look good on your in larger quantities or more as an accent?

Also I see ultraviolet being the color of the year was already mentioned. Feel free to have my share of warm bright purples as I have a hunch they'd look pretty damn good on you!

I love your grey groove and see the pieces you chose as the backbone to many wonderful outfits. A few finds I thought were interesting...

Also, I have had that same Everlane sweater in my shopping cart for a while, in bone color, but I'm new to Everlane and confused on sizing, could you tell me how it runs?

Colette, I have both the grey cashmere cropped sweater and the navy cotton square crew in Small. (For comparison, I am usually a small/4 in JCrew tops.) I think the cashmere fits perfectly. If I ordered another cotton square sweater, I might order a Medium so that it fits more like the picture, with the sleeves extending over the hands. It's not quite as oversized on me as it is in the picture in part because I have very long arms. The Small works fine but looks less interesting. I hope this is helpful. And, by the way, I love both sweaters. They are cropped but not too cropped. Perfect length for me.

BTW, that Topshop wrap top you pinned is gorgeous. I will be in Chicago for work next week and plan to stop into Zara and Topshop and potentially Nordstrom too. Unfortunately I am not really looking for reds, but if I were, I would try that top - so lovely.

Speaking as a person who is not allowing herself anymore black jackets or grey sweaters (well actually there was a recent backslide) but anyway ... I know what you mean. I like the idea of adding in brights. I can totally see you in that yellow polo sweater.

viva, thank you! I was going to order the small but now may change to the medium because I think we are about the same size on top and I want the sweater to fit like it does on the model.

Hope you have a great <shopping> trip to Chicago!

speaking as one who has to remind herself to STEP AWAY FROM THE NAVY....and yet still bought 2 new navy long sleeve tees this month....I hear you!

love the idea's you've gotten for colors to add. I'd add white...I think soft grey and white looks so clean and modern.

KKards, I agree. And I just collected Collette's sleeveless white Theory top. I just wish it were a bit more affordable. Otherwise, it's perfect.

What colors have Fabbers NOT suggested, lol? Try combining each piece with an item that tickles your fancy. You may discover undertones that you never knew were there so some combos may work better than others. Who knew there were so many grays?

Viva, the only problemI've ever had with a lot of grey is that it can be surprisingly easy for different tones/shades to clash!

I skimmed the suggestions and am thinking that yellow and some shades of purple and orangey pink would be the freshest for spring. Kind of a "spring flowers" type palette.

I love the grey pieces you have chosen; also the colors. Grey seems to go with everything, including other neutrals..navy, caramel, black, any shade of white, etc. For colors, i like the suggestions you have gotten and would add coral, peach and mint green. Light grey looks wonderful with pastels, midtones, brights, metallics and neon, toning them down a bit. For earth tones, rust, olive and browns.

Lately I’ve been loving light gray with charcoal gray and brown (usually brown leather jacket, boots, or huge belt). It’s neutral but somehow surprising nonetheless.