Leaving aside the MOB dress, I have purchased 11 items this year so far (2018). This is not a surprising number to me, as I typically take advantage of late winter sales. Plus, I am traveling again after a very quiet 4th quarter of 2017, so I refreshed my work wardrobe with a couple of things.

Anyway, here's the thing: of the 11, 8 are grey. That feels like too many to me. Have you ever fallen into a color rut so completely? I've always loved grey but maybe I'm leaning too heavily on it?

I think I need to identify a contrasting color to add to my wardrobe which is now probably 80% grey, navy, and black.

Thoughts? Advice?

ETA: My colorful dress (thanks Vix!) and 7 possible tops -- looking for feedback on color, shape, etc.