At 54 I am filled with gratitude. Hubs Greg is my everything, and our precious Yorkies Sam and Jo complete us. I’m blessed to share life’s incredible journey with my favourite person and favourite doggies. Their daily presence, affection, and support in my life are the best gifts of all. 

On a more reflective note, a family member recently reminded me of what Nelson Mandela said about an impossibly difficult task or situation: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

We are stronger, cleverer, more resilient, insightful and tenacious than we think we are when faced with adversity. Too many times in life I said “I can’t” and then I did.

My wish for you on my birthday is to believe in yourself and your abilities. You will soldier and shine through overwhelming tasks and tough situations when you are determined and hopeful. You are fabulous and formidable, and don’t forget it.

I’m working the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with clients today after delicious birthday pastries and tea at home with Greg, Sam, and Jo. We have fun dinner plans too. And since we celebrate birthday month at the Cox Castle, there are wonderful things to look forward to for the rest of July!

Sam and Jo

Angie and Jo