This is for Team Marbled Patterns, which are neither mainstream nor easy to find. To my eye, marbled patterns look particularly effective in blues, teals, greens, and earth tones. They are abstract, swirly, and watercolour-esque. They can be quite subtle, but bold versions are fabulous too. 

I think of an ombré pattern as a form of “marble pattern light”. Not nearly as intricate, but related. Onto outfits with marbled patterns and an ombré at the end.

1. Marbled with Black

A fluid teal, yellow, and grey marbled blouse is worn out over tailored black pants for a relaxed vibe. Although black is absent from the pattern, the black hair of the model pulls the look together by matching the pants. Shimmery dangly earrings are a glam finishing touch. I see a silver bag and shoes complete the look.

Marbled with Black

2. Marbled Frock

A navy and earth toned, with a hint of teal, column midaxi dress is worn on its own. The gorgeous pattern does the talking. Brown flat slides match the brown in the pattern and the model’s hair. An earthy straw bag is the beachy finishing touch.

Marbled Frock

3. Crisply Marbled

The marbled pattern on these straight white jeans is subtle, thereby emphasizing the crisp integrity of the jeans. The turquoise satin blouse picks up the same colour in the pattern, and is tucked for a dressier vibe. Casual brown platform sandals with white soles pick up similar hues in the pattern. A mismatched yellow bag, although impractically small, adds a fun touch. Massive hoop earrings add a disco touch.

Crisply Marbled

4. Ombré and Jeans

I’m struck by how elegant and ethereal this look is on the model. A soft and flowing asymmetrical teal ombré tunic is combined with a subtle pair of cropped blue barrel jeans. The necktie of the blouse amps up the vertical integrity of the silhouette. Strappy black sandals are the dressy finishing touch, which complement the silver and black clutch. The look would work as well with dressy low heels, sandals, or flats. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Ombré and Jeans