This COMFWALK shoe filler insert has made a world of difference to the comfort level of some of my shoes. I pop these under the existing footbed of shoes to create a better fit. So they tend to work best with shoes with removable footbeds. 

For example, I removed the footbeds of two old pairs of Cole Haan oxfords and slid in a foam insert. This raised my foot in the shoes so that the sides don’t rub my ankle bones and the backs don’t rub my heels. Doctoring the fit in this way made them fit correctly and much more comfortably. Now they are as comfortable as my beloved ECCO sneakers.

Some of my friends and clients have used a foam insert in one shoe only when one of their feet is smaller than the other. The insert corrects the fit of a shoe that’s too roomy. Also, when you are in between shoe sizes, try adding foam inserts to the larger size to see if that creates the best fit. They come in sizes so be sure to select the correct size if you try them.