Combining a pair of bottoms with a sweater is a super easy outfit combination, and one I’m fond of too. There are ways of making the easy pairing look more interesting and less minimal if that’s your cup of tea. Here are three examples to get you started. 

1. Pullover Plus Shirt

Here a fluid shirt is layered under a fluid striped pullover. These types of top layers are easy to wear and style when the items are roomy. Otherwise there’s a lot of friction and pulling to get the layers in place and into a comfortable position. Layering a sweater over a slippery blouse is even easier. The cuffs and shirt hem are left peeking out to become a feature of the outfit. Sleeves are scrunched to offset the baggy layers. The layers are paired with wide cropped jeans and finished off with a classic pair of loafers. Hoop earrings add a glam and polished touch. Add a bag to match.

Pullover Plus Shirt

Here are more examples. One is a vest instead of a pullover, and some skirt looks too.

2. Cardigans

Cardigans have V or round necklines, come in shorter and longer lengths, and can be worn un-buttoned, or buttoned through. The examples below showcase the assortment, and are well worth a closer look. They’ve been worn over layering tees, and dresses. Paired with skirts, shorts, jeans, and casual pants across slim and wide silhouettes. And worn with buttoned and un-buttoned. Footwear ranges from dressy to casual.

This version layers a voluminous poncho-esque wrap cardigan over a blouse with a slit front neck. The shorter sleeves of the cardigan allow the long sleeves of the blouse to peek through. The blouse is tucked into wide leg jeans, although feel free to wear it out. White sneakers match the white blouse. I see a pink or black bag complete the look.


3. Twinset

Last, a less simple layered look which combines a co-ord patterned top and cardigan to create a complemented twinset effect. The volume of the top is belted to show a structured waistline, while the cardigan drapes over them. The structured waist further tempers the width of the wide leg trousers. Black and white shoes match the tops and black belt. Add jewellery, watch, bag, and eyewear as desired.