Shop discounted prices, but be a savvy sale shopper. Shop with a plan and with intention. Do not be seduced by anything that does not work for you, does not have a place in your wardrobe, or is difficult to style. Keep your standards as high as always. 

Beware of the Bargain

Don’t succumb to the fear of missing out. Relax into missing the bargain if you’re not entirely sure it’s the right thing for you. There is always something better and less risky just around the corner. Your wallet and wardrobe will thank you in the long run.

You don’t need to buy everything on sale. If you love it, can afford it, and can store it, consider buying it at full price. Especially if it sells out fast, fills a wardrobe hole, is unique or exclusive, or you need it for an upcoming event. You are worth full price.